Is Print Really Dead?


In this digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with online advertising and messaging.

As a business, it’s hard to compete and find your target audience amid so many messages. So is print really dead, or is the marketing mix simply changing?

One thing to recognise is that print can be the perfect antidote to consumers’ digital fatigue. In fact, a Toluna consumer survey reveals that most people agree that it’s important to switch off from the digital world and enjoy books and magazines.

A print marketing campaign doesn’t have to involve a big investment in full-page ads like in the pre-digital age. Instead, it can include well-designed and low cost direct mail, brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, stickers, merchandise and more.

Print is still adding value, even in a digital-first environment. Holding print material is likely to have a bigger impact on the brain, because it’s tactile and plays on multiple senses. When well executed, print offers added authority to support newer digital channels and tools such as customer relationship management systems.

Most successful brands utilise both digital and print to achieve maximum results, but as with any successful marketing campaign, you’ll need to research your target demographic and their habits carefully. Successful marketing requires a fully integrated approach.

Are you still using print in your marketing mix?

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