Visual Content is Best for Social Media


There’s a lot to keep up with if you want to deliver successful social media marketing.

With ever-changing algorithms and new features on key platforms, there is always plenty of information to digest. It’s a lot to take in, especially since creating and managing campaigns is pretty much a full-time job.

The most critical thing to do right from the start is to develop a strategy for your social media activity. This should document your key audiences, their interests and how to measure your success. To support your strategy, a content plan should map out your calendar schedule and content topics across key channels.

There’s plenty of research to prove that visual content works particularly well such as infographics and statistics, videos (THE megatrend from this point forward), behind the scenes looks into your business, free E-book downloads plus tips and how to’s.

How to create strong visual content

  • Consistency – your brand needs consistency from online to offline marketing to be remembered and referred.
  • Tone of voice – whether your tone is bold, clever, fun, empathetic, or authentic, it needs to humanize your brand, create a bond between you and your audience, and define your personality.
  • Clear aligned message – know your brand and have clear messaging about why your your company is unique in the marketplace.
  • Tell a story 92% of consumers say they want brands to create content that tells a story. Work on telling customer stories about the value you add.
  • Ask questions – research your customers as a call to action in order to invite engagement. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation.

So what have been your most successful social media posts recently?

[Source: AdEspresso – abridged]

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