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Quest Brand Story

We’re going on a rollicking odyssey with you to the sunny side of possibility. It’s pretty crazy out there, so buckle up!

At Quest, we believe in the power of stories to win friends, shift opinions and behaviour. We work with the risk-takers, the restless ones, the square-peg- in-a-round hole types who are on a journey of discovery to find their corner of the universe and claim it as their own.

We’re as hungry for results as you are, so we don’t just talk about being results-driven, we deliver them. So, less talk, more do, all wrapped up in solid analytics and some great digital tools too.

Our customers are endearingly demanding, yet not entirely sure how it all works when it comes to crafting and spreading their story and their word, which is where we fit in.

They’re also keen to learn and need us to navigate their journey of discovery, because they have families, boards, colleagues, and others that will hold them to account if it all goes pear shaped. Which of course it won’t.

You could say we’re your internal marketing team, so we work hard to figure out what delivers. We challenge, we flex, and we grow with you and take care of the details along the way.

And because you like all the elements of your marketing journey to be in the same direction, we’ve brought a small, hand-picked crew onboard too. Serial marketers, strategists, digital natives, writers, designers, videographers, and a photographer or two.

Most of all we ask great questions. We bring an outside-in, inside-out perspective, if you get our drift? We roll up our sleeves, to help you feel inspired, confident, organised and in control. So you can get on with your day job. At least until you’ve reached your destination.

Okay, what do you reckon? Does that sound like you?

Ready to quest together?

How Can Your Company Continue To Grow?

Our Story

Back in 2005 Hamish took the plunge and launched Quest. Many businesses were struggling to transition from traditional marketing to digital.


With his multi-award-winning background in destination marketing, Hamish knew he could help.


Things started small with the original Quest office based in a converted orchard garage. The first few years of trading were tough. Being a new company, Quest had no profile and a very limited budget.

It took a lot of hard work, but over the years Quest slowly began to grow. A distributed office was developed with a specialist team connected online. Client referrals were the core of the business and Quest always kept the customer at the centre of everything it did.

Today businesses come to Quest wanting to differentiate themselves from the competition, increase sales and find new markets.

Our passion is marketing made easy.

Your return on investment means everything to us and Quest has the proven results to back that up. Our success is totally dependent on yours and we are always looking to generate more value.

Our Values

Quest’s core values express how we do business:

CUSTOMER FIRST – we listen closely before we act, customer needs drive our output.

CAN DO – we apply passion and creativity to get the job done right for our clients.

NO BULL – we do what we say we will, tell it like it is, meet our commitments and act ethically.

Our mantra is to challenge the status quo to help businesses think differently. One of the ways we do this is by leveraging your unique story.


Quest has offices in Auckland, Havelock North and Christchurch. Our company name reflects the journey that businesses take towards achieving their goals. Quests’ require sustained effort and overcoming many obstacles in order to reach the destination.


We offer a team of professionals with clients located in New Zealand and Australia.

The key sectors we work in include health, education, agri-business, manufacturing, engineering, exporting, tourism, not-for-profit and retail.


What’s different about working with Quest is that we integrate a range of marketing services into one seamless design. This ensures that everything aligns with and adds value to, your marketing strategy.

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