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Copywriting is the art of writing words that drive results.

Copywriting is an art. Just as every brush stroke on a painting contributes to the impact of the final piece, compelling copy sets the scene for irresistible intrigue. Every sentence is influential in capturing attention, and determining if someone will read everything you have to say.


Once you understand how your readers think, you can start crafting copy that will resonate with their needs, expectations and pain points and grab their attention every time.

First Impressions

Words help potential customers decide if your business is trustworthy and professional. Grammar, spelling, and tone are vital in creating that all-important first impression about your product or service.

This is especially true if that initial visit is online. Your business has just seconds to wow your audience before they are off searching your competitors’ websites, which may look more polished.

Stand out from competitors

Today, customers are continually bombarded with marketing messages from all angles. How do you get your message heard above all the noise and chaos of a busy marketplace? Not only that, but have it withstand detailed scrutiny as website visitors compare what you offer online with your opposition. Whether it is for online or printed mediums, copywriters are experts at harnessing the power of your unique story and conveying it in an engaging and memorable way. They also know how to showcase the virtues of your product or service to your target market, so that readers realise it is the answer to their problem.

Build trust

People are more likely to buy from a business they trust. Copywriting is a means to build that trust by giving audiences the opportunity to learn more about you and product or service. Good copywriters tell your business story in a way that triggers emotion in your audience, which helps readers form a connection with your brand. Much like you feel after you’ve been through a shared experience with someone. Readers are more likely to buy from a company they have a connection to, than from a business they have no bond with.

Brand Development

Words are a way to showcase your brand’s unique personality. A professional writer knows how to develop this and ensure that the tone of your worded messaging consistent – for your website, emails, social media, blogs and printed mediums. This helps keep the brand true to itself and to your audience. It’s also another way to stand out from the crowd and connect with your readers.

Better Search Engine Rankings (SEO)

Good copywriting also helps convert readers into customers by boosting where your website ranks in search engine results. After all, outstanding website copy is pointless if your website isn’t seen! Professional copywriters can help website SEO through a variety of different strategies. These include writing engaging and shareable content, incorporating keywords and phrases, while ensuring sufficient word counts on each page. Good copywriting also drives higher engagement in social media. Head to our SEO page for more detail on this.

Maximise Advertising Spend

Getting a professional to write your copy can help maximise the returns of your hard-earned money in advertising campaigns. In large social media campaigns, a drop of a few cents in the cost per click can save you thousands of dollars! Ads with high relevancy get shown to your target audience more or are shown in a higher page position. The more your ad is shown, the more likely it is to get more clicks. This lowers your average cost per click, which means you get more bang for your advertising buck.

So written content is a way to nurture audiences and get them to take action.

Ultimately, it aims to turn readers into customers by connecting them with your product or service.

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