The Art of Video Storytelling


We all love a good story and humans are natural storytellers, in fact it’s in our DNA. Some people just need a little extra help to bring out their natural storytelling abilities.

Good video storytelling questions encourage interviewees to dig deeper and share story-based answers. Often interview responses are lackluster because they’re not story-based. It could be that the answers are short, boring or predictable. In the end, they’re going to do the exact opposite of what a powerful interview should. There are some key techniques involved in developing a great video. Businesses also need to create a powerful connection with their audience to help differentiate products and services and to be remembered.

It’s true that all great stories follow the same basic structure. Pixar, a movie studio well-versed in telling amazing stories in films such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story, uses the following story structure: Once upon a time.. Every day.. But one day,.. Because of that.. Until finally.. And ever since then ..

If you’re looking to create a kick-starter campaign video for your next big product or service, go back to the very beginning of your journey. Set the scene for how the idea for your product first came to be. Then perhaps talk about the challenges you faced in bringing your idea to life. The result will be a complete story that will better connect with your audience in the process.

Regardless of how skilled of a video storyteller you are when you first sit down in the interview chair, by drawing on story-based answers, you’re bound to produce a great interview. And in doing so it will make a world of a difference in the improved customer engagement and recall you’ll generate.

Now that you have some tools for giving a stellar interview, you can become a well-rounded video storytelling force!

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