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E-learning the Trend to Watch


There’s a lot of discussion about E-learning in business circles currently. E-learning involves computer-based online training that is often supported by video and multi-choice questions. Learning content can also include colour theory and infographics so that knowledge is easily absorbed. So is E-learning just hype or something we need to know more about?

The E-learning juggernaut has well and truly set sail with 70% of the world’s online learning taking place in Europe and the United States.

And there are some really good reasons for this. E-learning is estimated to cut instruction time by 60% and studies show that businesses that use online learning are seeing an increase in revenue of up to 42%.

Learners like the method too. Recent data shows that 82% of people say they like to learn at their own pace and 63% are happy to engage in online learning without prompting. Video increases understanding of a subject by 74% and also helps where English is a second language.

E-learning content can include flexible, modular short courses that deliver learning in bite sized chunks. This allows the learner to build knowledge at their own pace over time. Learning can be easily translated into multiple languages and cultural themes as required.

So how do businesses benefit from E-learning? Data indicates that it’s both effective and enables cost savings associated with staff time, trainer costs, travel and venue costs. Content can be tailored to specific business needs and is easily reused delivering an excellent return on investment. Management can also enjoy instant access to E-learning progress reports via a simple cloud based management system.

A key to success is identifying a partner that understands how to both create and deliver effective online learning content. Are you ready to get started with E-learning?


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