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The Most Human Company Wins


Is the speed of digital marketing change making you feel lost? Customer loyalty is dying, and businesses need to be built on human connections, not advertising impressions. The chief problem is that mainstream marketing today is costly, and ineffective (unless you have a substantial budget). The mass marketing tactics that used to work, no longer do.

The following truths underpin the marketplace:

  • Trust is won by revealing who you are (the most human company wins)
  • Businesses will only survive if they stop advertising, and start storytelling
  • If you target early adopters, they will spread your message for you.

In today’s world, the most successful companies are those that prioritise the human experience. By focusing on the human element, these companies can create a lasting impact and build strong long-term relationships. The most human company wins because it understands that people are at the heart of high-trust interactions.

Here are 3 actionable steps for an immediate course correction.

  1. Start Storytelling: we all love a good story, in fact, it’s in our DNA. Use storytelling to better engage your audience and create emotional connections. Share stories about your team, your customers, and your successes.
  2. Use Video: craft high-engagement videos that demonstrate your teamwork and how your products and services are helping customers to solve their problems.
  3. Go Behind The Scenes: build added trust and connection by promoting a deep dive with your team. Cover their values and what makes them tick. Share their biggest challenges and customer successes.

Now that you’ve got some tools for becoming a more human company, what’s your biggest challenge in making your course correction?

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