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Why SSL Security is Essential for Your Website


Website security is a growing concern for many, and for good reason. It’s therefore critical to know about SSL and how this protects your business.

Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a way of increasing your website’s security by encrypting all data that is passed between your customers and your website. There are a number of reasons why SSL Certificates are essential:

  1. Purchasing – surveys show that 84% of website users will abandon a purchase if they know the website is not secure. When running an e-commerce website, encryption is critical as you will be handling credit card information.
  2. Data Security – most websites are collecting data through forms and landing pages. Encrypting the data sent by your customer, and the data you send back, helps prevent private information being stolen and misused.
  3. SEO Ranking – every company wants to rank highly in Google searches, and having a secure website plays a big role. Google visually marks websites that don’t use SSL with a grey padlock symbol with a red line in the search bar. Secure websites are indicated with a green padlock.
  4. Trust – we all want our customers to trust us. To ensure this we need to keep their private information safe, especially credit card details. Having an SSL certificate shows that you value their data and are taking steps to protect it.

So how do I get SSL?

Quest provides website security SSL Certificates for all websites that it develops. To see this in action, check out our website portfolio. If you’re not SSL secure yet, get in touch and we can help you get started.

Source: SiteHost [abridged]

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