Video Marketing Biggest Shift


Video is now recognised as the world’s most powerful marketing medium and key digital channels are also seeing the expansion of ephemeral (short lived) video content.

All those moving pictures clamouring for attention on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (now joined by LinkedIn, which has recently added its own native video offerings), will continue to get all the attention.

What that means for marketers is that if you are not using video, you are much less likely to get noticed and even less likely to get remembered. According to data gathered by Filmora, 95% of video messages will be retained by consumers while only 10% of text-based posts will enjoy that privilege. Wondering how to create great video content?

The move to short-lived content, pioneered by Snapchat and shamelessly copied by Instagram Stories, will continue. More than 90% of Kiwis under 55 now have smartphones and, we actually use them – most especially, for checking social media notifications and watching video, often many times a day.

That also means that any marketing that you do needs to be mobile-friendly and, if you are sending anybody to your website, that better be mobile-friendly as well.

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Sources: Carney, Filmora

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