Growing Focus on Your Company’s Online Reputation


Access to information has never been easier to acquire and this is impacting the buyer-seller relationship.

Prospective customers can now conduct in-depth research and evaluate product and service offerings without engaging in formal discussions with company sales reps. For companies that have a poor online reputation, the introduction of these new touchpoints decreases the likelihood of acquiring a new customer.

So how can we establish a good online reputation?

In the next 12 months, companies and sales leaders will devote more and more resources to enhancing their brand online. Key to this will be creation of engaging content that helps the customer to easily understand your story, point of difference and competitive advantage.

Digital content should lead with high engagement video as it’s both popular and potent. In as little as 90 seconds video can establish why prospective customers should buy from you (and not someone else). A focus on company values and community support projects will also help to cement a good online reputation providing they are authentic and pass the test of public scrutiny.

Source: (abridged)

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