Recruitment Videos Power Talent Attraction


Digital technologies are a fast developing trend in the HR community. For the future of recruiting, efficiently enlisting the right candidate will largely incorporate digital tools with methods like social networking and mobile apps.

Video is increasingly being used in the recruiting process. Businesses are creating and posting recruiting videos to social media channels and embedding them on their website career pages.

A short recruiting video can do what the more traditional recruitment methods cannot, here are just some of the reasons you need to incorporate video into your recruitment strategy.

  1. You’ll reach and keep the attention of a larger audience – as many businesses have already begun to realise, the traditional approach is no longer enough to maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment.
  2. You’ll stay competitive – if you aren’t incorporating videos into your own recruitment strategy, then you are falling behind the organisations that do. On average, employers also receive a 34% greater candidate application rate when adding video to job postings.
  3. You’ll appeal to the newer generations of talent – the future of the workplace is already here. From 2020, Millennials now make up 46% of the workforce. It’s critical to understand how to make great video content.
  4. You’ll save money – videos are compatible with multiple channels and employees can also easily share them on social media, it is a cost-effective and robust way to recruit.
  5. You’ll find your culture fit – a good recruitment video shows potential candidates what life would be like if they worked for your company. This is something that cannot be learned via print, over the phone or even in a single in-person interview.
  6. You’ll increase your employer brand – applicants want authenticity, anything false will only serve against this. Video can highlight the unique aspects of your company such as day to day activities and personal testimonials.

The long-term success of any business depends on its ability to find and recruit the best talent. Recruiting videos have proven to be an effective method of doing just that.


Source: Interact (abridged)

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