Has your brand developed a community?


There’s little doubt that marketing is getting increasingly difficult. Customers are ignoring, blocking, and streaming their way past conventional sales and marketing messages.

Two-thirds of marketing is occurring without us and it’s likely even worse for B2B companies. Today our brand story is narrated through social media posts, reviews, testimonials, influencers, and powerful content creators.

In his recent book “Community: The Most Powerful Business Tool in the Digital Age”, marketing thought-leader Mark Schaefer discusses the potential of online communities. The book underscores how authentic engagement and connection can yield significant advantages where traditional marketing is no longer effective.

Communities are active, engaged groups that collaborate, co-create, and have a profound impact on a brand’s success. A community is not just an audience; it’s a living ecosystem of relationships.

3 Steps to build your brand community:

Trust and Leadership:

 Community Storytelling:

Human-Centered Approach:

  • Communities thrive when they prioritise people over technology, so focus on building human connections.
  • Personalised interactions, not cookie-cutter messages, are vital for nurturing belonging. Your messaging needs to be carefully crafted at every touch point.

Today’s digital world craves connection, and if you nurture a brand community, they in turn will inspire loyalty, fuel growth, and amplify your brand’s impact.

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