5 Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Performance


Regardless of the industry you are operating in, building and maintaining quality relationships with customers is a key to success. As businesses grow in complexity and expand, the need for software support to help achieve this outcome grows.

Recent sales performance data released by top-rated ZohoCRM reveals strong results for its users: 300% improvement in lead conversions, 41% revenue increase per sales person, 27% improvement in customer retention and sales cycle decreases of 24%.

This explains why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have been leading software adoption rates in recent years.

5 ways that a CRM solution can help accelerate your sales performance:

1. Organisation of your customer data

Best-of-breed CRM systems are hosted in the cloud, making them accessible and easy to maintain from any location.

2. Cross-selling and upselling

CRM systems draw intelligence from your customer purchasing patterns to then onsell and upsell similar products and services.

3. Customer relationship improvement

CRM’s help you organise all customer-related operations, using rich data to generate relevant and engaging messaging and follow up support.

4. Removal of inefficiency

CRMs consolidate methods and spare you from double entries and the dull, automated approach customers find so frustrating.

5. Tracking team performance

CRM’s monitor how your team members are performing to enable continuous improvement training.

It’s easy to find a great CRM at a reasonable price if you know where to look – are you ready to discuss which CRM solution is best for you?

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