5 Reasons Why You Need YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet and has been the leading source of online video for many years. It’s little wonder, Google quickly recognised the video mega trend and paid US$1.65 billion to purchase the juggernaut back in 2006.

Social media in New Zealand is dominated by YouTube and Facebook, with 74 and 73 percent of the population using each platform respectively. Instagram users are around half of this figure but growing rapidly, with 35 percent currently using the photo-sharing service.

Despite the dominance of YouTube, only 15% of New Zealand businesses take advantage of advertising on YouTube and clearly the platform is under-utilised. This means that those New Zealand businesses who are willing to invest in a video content strategy will reap the benefits.

Here’s 5 key reasons why your business needs to be on YouTube.

1. Engagement

As we all know the attention span of consumers is shrinking. Video is the best way of grasping that attention for the longest period of time.

2. Less sales push is more

Video enables increased human connection. Instead of pushing products, share a story and secure preference and retention with audiences.

3. Testimonials

If the rise of influencers has proven one thing, it is that client testimonials are extremely valuable for building awareness and trust.

4. SEO

Having a YouTube Channel is like having a second website site. Tagging your videos for SEO purposes will give you the advantage of being found in organic search.

5. Sales

With YouTube’s huge audience, higher engagement and authentic and compelling content will help drive sales in any business.

Like most social media platforms, YouTube is free. So don’t just build your website, sit back and wait for the customers to arrive. Launch your YouTube Channel and start creating video content to see for yourself the difference it can make.

Do you have a YouTube channel yet?


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