Digital Marketing Secrets

Digital Marketing Course

Here at Quest we are video education experts so we’re providing free online training to help further develop your skills. Digital marketing is rapidly changing and it’s critical that marketers understand these evolving trends. We cover digital trends, CRM lead management, why video is critical now, Facebook, Instagram and more

Quest Talks

Presentation from Quest founder Hamish Lowry titled Changing the Customer Conversation. Mass marketing is broken and that new ways of marketing are required to succeed. Today the most human company wins and businesses need to become storytellers. Hamish discusses channel marketing strategies and how to craft campaigns for success.

The Quest
Marketing Show

An original series from respected digital agency Quest Marketing. Quest’s Founder and Director, Hamish Lowry talks marketing with successful business leaders. We cover the big questions; how to market the right way, using the right channels, to attract the right audience. We’re Quest, and this is the Quest Marketing Show!

Marketing Guide

The Essential Marketing Guide is designed with the business manager in mind and includes a range of useful information including: Digital marketing secrets, Knowing your customer, The art of engagement, Essential marketing steps, Marketing software options, How to set an effective marketing budget

Free Marketing E-books

Quest’s series of free marketing E-books include easy-to-digest insights into how to use digital marketing to be found by your online target audience. And here at Quest, we are website and digital content specialists. Our recommendations have been battle tested since we launched way back in 2005. Just like building a successful company, success with digital marketing requires both expert knowledge and time.

Free Website

A website is not like a brochure where once you print it, the job is done. Rather you need to think of your website as a garden, a living thing that needs weeding, re-planting, and some fertiliser. Our free website review will identify where your website needs updating and how it stacks up against best practice. You will receive our key recommendations to help better achieve your online goals.


If you have been thinking about your target audience and how to cost-effectively engage them, then you’ve come to the right place.Quest guides you through a series of steps that allows you to identify customer problems, market opportunities, and create marketing plans to reach key target audiences. The marketing strategy process includes the steps of discovery, research, planning and delivery.

Quest Marketing Blog

The Quest Marketing Blog is jam packed with useful insights and information on how to succeed with modern marketing. We cover a wide range of topics to help you succeed in today’s evolving marketing environment. Content includes marketing strategy, branding, customer surveys, website development, e-commerce, website security, video production, sales strategies, social media and more.