The Quest Marketing Show

An original series from respected digital agency Quest Marketing. Quest’s Founder, Hamish Lowry, talks marketing with successful business leaders. We cover the big questions; how to market the right way, using the right channels, to attract the right audience. We’re Quest, and this is the Quest Marketing Show!


Episode 1: Caro Uttley Digital Success Manager. Quest Marketing

In this episode, you’ll meet Caro Uttley, she’s been the brains behind some of Quest’s most successful marketing campaigns. Learn how Caro has overcome cancer and succeed in her marketing projects. Caro is a talented copywriter and marketing strategist.

Episode 2: Tim Eagle, Visique Shattky Optometrists

In this episode, you’ll meet Tim Eagle, Director of Visique Shattky Optometrists. Tim shares his experience working with traditional and digital marketing. Specifically, Tim shares his ‘game theory’ on how to compete with global brands and succeed.

Episode 3: Kerry Henderson, Business Strategist

In this episode, you’ll meet Kerry Henderson, respected business manager and strategist. Discover how Kerry led her team through the successful rebranding and marketing strategy for PORSE In-Home Childcare, New Zealand’s early childhood education innovator.

Episode 4: Dan Lynch, Project Manager, Ovis Management

In this episode, you’ll meet Dan Lynch from Ovis Management. Dan is an agri-business insider and offers his insights into the changing rural marketplace. He discusses the need to go digital and adapt communications and channels for new audiences.

Episode 5: Jason Gordon, Founder, Zerolight Photography

In this episode, meet talented photographer and animator Jason Gordon. Jason shares insights from a career that has included working on Hollywood blockbuster movies such as The Hobbit as well as launching his own specialist photography studio.

Episode 6: Kelly Thomsen & Diana Ketel, Founders, Bookkeepers NZ

In this episode, Meet Di and Kelly, Founders of award-winning Bookkeepers NZ as they share their start-up business journey. From brand development through to a digital marketing strategy that helped win the Xero Bookkeepers of the Year Award.

Episode 7: Carl Blackman, Business Development, Camco Industries

In this episode, you’ll meet Carl Blackman of Camco Industries. Carl has managed the digital marketing strategy through a period of sustained growth and a doubling of revenue at Camco. Carl shares the marketing strategies that have helped propel this success.

Episode 8: Leonie Wallwork, Growth Advisor, Regional Business Partners

In this episode, you’ll meet Leonie Wallwork of Regional Business Partners. Learn how Leonie has used innovative marketing strategies to help grow businesses in both Australia and New Zealand. Her focus on staff wellbeing and development is at the heart of her success.

Episode 9: Mark Hohneck, Diesel Performance Solutions

In the final episode of the series, you’ll meet Mark Hohneck of Diesel Performance Solutions. The company has enjoyed significant growth over the years and now operates throughout New Zealand and Australia. Learn how Mark’s high growth mindset has driven this success.

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