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Drone Revolution Driving Business Efficiency


Drones often get a bad reputation however sales of drones have rapidly accelerated across a range of industries due to their ability to help drive efficiency and data analysis. Drones are being shaped by commercial applications such as surveying, agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and video production.

Start-ups have invested US$1.5B in drone technology globally and Goldman Sachs estimates that drone technologies will reach a staggering market size of $100 billion before 2020.

When it comes to video production, drones capture breathtaking aerial shots which leave a lasting impression with your target audience. In the hands of a professional with experience, drones provide quick and efficient content at a far lower cost than alternative cranes or helicopters.

Creativity is at the heart of every video maker’s dream. Every idea, and every ground breaking leap, starts with vision and a video storyboard. Drones give these creators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Drones aren’t just fun to fly. They can let you capture polished footage in high-resolution 4K video. They’re also more affordable than ever.

If you’re considering a drone purchase, there are a range of factors to consider. When we take a new drone out for a spin, we evaluate a number of factors:

  • Design: How well is the drone built.
  • Durability/repairability: Face it, you’re going to crash your drone at least once!
  • Flight performance: How easy is the drone to fly? Is it stable when hovering?
  • App: How intuitive is the app? What sort of features are available?
  • Camera quality: How good are the videos and photos it takes?
  • Flight time: How long can the drone stay in the air before its battery runs out?
  • Price: Obviously, we don’t expect a $1,000 drone to perform like a $5,000 drone.

Drones aren’t that complicated, but there are a range of factors you should consider when shopping. There are also some key rules you need to follow when you take to the air.

Are you putting drones to work for your business?

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