Best of 2021 - 10 Website Designs to Inspire You

Best of 2021 – 10 Website Designs to Inspire You

Have you been thinking of revitalising your online presence? 

From choosing the right web developer and Content Management System (CMS), to narrowing down your content and enabling e-commerce functionality, the best websites are built on the foundation of lots of small decisions and one big one: the design. 

At Quest, we love designing stunning websites with a great user experience to help drive revenue lift. To help inspire you, here’s our portfolio pick for the best of 2021. 

Ovis Management

Digital marketing secrets revealed. Our team worked closely with Ovis Management to develop a fresh brand mark, video production, photography, and a range of print material. We also developed a mobile-friendly website with SEO tools, Google Analytics, an easy-to-edit Content Management System (CMS). Ovis has since achieved a 40% increase in Facebook engagement.

Juken New Zealand

Tailored to trade. After initially being assigned to help Juken NZ produce video content and TV commercials, we were tasked with developing their responsive website. Key features of the new design include a Chinese translated version, direct links to Trade Store locations for local purchasing, and a compliance section with downloadable documents.

Croplands Spray Shop

Customised e-commerce. Croplands Spray Shop has achieved a 50% revenue increase since engaging us to conduct a strategic marketing review of the company. After rebranding the business, a customised e-commerce site with the ability to load up 300 products was developed. The website features video testimonials from customers and hero photography shot by Quest.

Combi Clamp

Revenue increase! Combi Clamp has seen a doubling of revenue since the development of its mobile-friendly website! 50% of this success is attributed to the website content developed by Quest – a product catalogue, high engagement video content, and photography.


Customers first. The design and implementation of Norwood’s fully custom mobile-friendly website was driven by a market research project conducted by Quest to identify website delivery gaps and opportunities. Built using SilverStripe, the new site has product push capability and offers fast, intuitive product catalogue functionality. This, combined with an easy-to-use CMS and high-quality video and photographic content has resulted in a highly functional website that meets the needs of their customers.


The proof is in the pudding (website traffic). Abecca tasked Quest with producing a high-quality website and engaging content to enable business growth and top-line lift. The finished project was e-commerce enabled website featuring a contact form and SEO tools, fast, intuitive functionality, and an easy-to-use CMS with Google Analytics integration. The result? Abecca website traffic is up 60%.


Intuitive functionality. A range of digital marketing outputs was delivered by Quest to help reposition OriginAg, including the production of a mobile-friendly website. In addition to a fast, intuitive product catalogue functionality, an easy-to-use CMS, and Google Analytics integration, we produced a series of high engagement video and photographic content. 

McKee Plastics

Compelling and authentic. A fresh, fast, and intuitive, mobile-friendly website was needed to help position McKee Plastics in the Manawatu and New Zealand marketplace. Quest produced a range of high-quality website content including compelling and authentic video and photography. The end result features a contact form, SEO tools, and the client has the ability to change website content and add new products and pages supported by comprehensive training videos. 

Native Woodcraft

Fully expandable e-commerce! Nature-inspired Native Woodcraft was in need of a mobile-friendly e-commerce website when they engaged Quest. In addition to receiving ongoing marketing and website support, Native Woodcraft now has a fully expandable website that features an e-commerce product catalogue with a product filter, image gallery and a contact form. It also offers an easy-to-use CMS so that they can add products, pages, copy and images when needed.

Vet Services Hawke’s Bay

Contemporary and functional. Quest was engaged by Vet Services Hawke’s Bay to develop a range of websites including Vet Services Hawke’s Bay, Vet Services Dannevirke and Vet Services Equine. The business now presents a suite of contemporary and functional websites featuring high-quality photography and video. And the result has included mobile traffic being up approx. 300%! 

What are your favourite websites? Get in touch if you’d like to start your journey toward a stunning new website and online success!