SilverStripe Websites


SilverStripe is a pioneer, flexible, open-source CMS with great potential, despite being fairly new to the market. It may not have a lead over WordPress in the website categories, but it’s managed to win awards, and continue maintaining a steady flow of new projects.

Quest’s developers use its framework to build secure, high-performing and robust sites and apps, besides creating a responsive and accessible user experience.


SilverStripe is easy to use, SEO-friendly, and super-secure as its robust security is threaded across its interface and back-end technology.


SilverStripe doesn’t rely on third-party plugins like WordPress for better functionality. Each tool it offers is built and developed by SilverStripe, cutting out plugin issues.

Why SilverStripe?

Quest has chosen SilverStripe for the following range of benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Super secure
  • SEO-friendly
  • Development versatility
  • User-friendly back-end admin interface
  • Large array of tools
  • Useful modules
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Scalability


Overall, SilverStripe is an exceptional web platform worth considering and a strong contender in the open-source market – it’s not just a little CMS from New Zealand.

SilverStrip Or WordPress?

Ultimately, your choice will be determined by your requirements and your budget. If you want a unique site with specific functionalities, SilverStripe is great, but if you’re on a tight budget and requirements aren’t so complex, WordPress maybe the better option.

SilverStripe isn’t just a CMS framework, so you can do pretty much anything on it from brochure sites, to complex business critical and transaction systems. However, you can’t upgrade it at the click of a button as with WordPress.

WordPress offers publishing tools, flexibility, a large user community, and a variety of plugins for added functionality. However, your requirements must match the plugin’s offerings.

SilverStripe and WordPress are quality pieces of software – the key is to secure great web developers who can create the features and functionality you need and provide the right support to get most out of your website.

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