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Sky Sport commissioned Quest for coverage of the TrackMe Life GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race. The race is a gruelling 12-hour event and training ground for New Zealand’s future endurance race athletes.


The 2021 event was held at Kairakau Beach in Hawke’s Bay and included a 75 km race course across rugged coastline and farmland. Quest’s production included both a 30-second promotional trailer plus a 25-minute full feature race segment.


The goal of the event is to challenge and grow young people through a quality adventure race, that inspires trust, teamwork and self-belief and promotes holistic growth and healthy competition. The 12-hour event is designed to challenge competitors perseverance, teamwork and to stretch them both mentally and physically.

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"Quest was recommended to us and we were really impressed with what was produced, the storytelling was really important. The event was shown on Sky Sport three times and, in addition, the on demand views had doubled from our last event in just over a month. I’d definitely recommend Quest, really easy to work with and a good fun team."

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