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Mangarara Farm

Mangarara (The Family Farm) is a 610 hectare/1500 acre hill country farm in Elsthorpe, Hawke’s Bay. It has been stewarded by the Hart family since 1990. The farm is a diverse mix of lakes, wetlands, peat flats, rolling and steep hills, pasture, native and exotic trees. It’s a great sustainability initiative, with Quest joining Air New Zealand in supporting the Mangarara Family Farm and Eco-Lodge. Our work has involved both video production and website development to help Mangarara achieve it’s long term sustainability goals.


Some of the major Mangarara milestones include:

  • A partnership with Air New Zealand in 2008 which led to the planting of 85,000 native trees adjacent to a small remnant of virgin native forest.
  • Planting native and exotic trees around farm dams (small lakes) and in shelter belts to protect soils, provide shade & shelter for livestock, sequester carbon and enhance biodiversity.
  • Building the Mangarara Eco Lodge (commissioned in 2015) to accommodate, educate and inspire through generous hosting that includes farm tours, workshops & events.
  • Moving to Holistic Management and Planned Grazing – a management system designed to maximise ecosystem, animal and human well-being through grazing more mature pastures on longer, planned rotations.
  • Partnering with Million Metres Streams and successfully raising over $30,000 to plant the riparian margin of Horseshoe Lake, a 35-hectare lake and wetland that borders the farm and Eco Lodge.

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Mangarara Farm

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"With Quest’s knowledge and technical know-how we’ve built a new website with shop for buying our products and online bookings for our lodge. We’ve found Quest very helpful, approachable and friendly and we feel totally relaxed about asking for their advice.”

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