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The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council is a significant employer in Hawkes Bay. The council works on behalf of the community to manage the air, land, water and coastal resources of the region. It is also mandated to coordinate civil defense, transport, and economic development.


Quest was assigned to assist the Council with the production of a series of high engagement videos. The focus was the recruitment of specialist staff from both around New Zealand and further offshore. The target audience was specialist engineers, planners, and scientists. In addition to this work, Quest was also contracted to tell the story of Pātaka. This innovative digital mapping tool shows the location and extent of iwi and hapū resources in Hawke’s Bay. Pātaka includes the location and contact information for each local marae, customary marine titles, protected customary rights and any iwi/hapū management plans.

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"Video used well enables us to create a much stronger connection with our audience. Working with Quest was very easy and gave us a really high quality tool overall.”

Drew Broadly, former Community Engagement Manager


Hawke’s Bay Regional Council client testimonial – Drew Broadley


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