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3D Growth

Founder Jeremy Moore set up 3D Growth to help businesses with their strategic thinking around growth. Their clients include New Zealand corporates such as Ballance Fertilisers, LIC and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.


Quest’s assignment was to partner with the company to help tell their stories. Videos were produced for a range of clients such as Quinovic (founder story) and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (export customer stories). Digital technologies mean that customers have more knowledge, choice and power than ever before. The way customers want to be engaged with is being totally transformed.

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3D Growth

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Video production

+60% Export Metric

"One key result was that New Zealand Trade & Enterprise increased its export metric by 60% and Quest was a key part of that by providing feedback from customers. Quest has been a great business partner to work with, they’ve been very reliable, good at their job and very cost-effective."

3D Growth​


3D Growth

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