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Decoding the Why – Revealing Quest’s Striking New Brand


Change is not just inevitable; it’s essential. And our Quest rebrand is another important step in our evolution. Customer attention is fleeting, and market needs are evolving rapidly, so keeping your positioning fresh is not just a choice; it’s imperative.

Back in 2005, when Quest initially started, our primary focus was on marketing consultancy. Fast forward to today, and we’ve expanded into a full-service marketing agency, offering a diverse range of services across various disciplines to ensure the success of your business.

About the New Brand

Approaching our two-decade mark, the fresh brand embodies adaptability and connectivity. Our lively, gradient colour seamlessly combines the classic Quest crimson red with a touch of magenta pink, symbolising our business evolution. The icon? It encapsulates the marketing puzzle we’re ready to unravel for you. In a dynamic market filled with emerging competitors, our goal is to make sure your brand stands out above the noise.

At Quest, we’ve always believed in the power of stories to win friends, shift opinions and behaviour. We work with the risk-takers, the restless ones, the square-peg- in-a-round hole types who are on a journey of discovery. Read more in our Founder story

And because you like all the elements of your marketing journey to be in the same direction, we’ve brought a small, hand-picked crew onboard. Serial marketers, strategists, digital natives, writers, designers, videographers, and a photographer or two.

Most of all we ask great questions. We bring an outside-in perspective to help you feel inspired, confident, and in control. So, you can get on with your day job.

Do share your thoughts on our new brand – we’d love to hear from you! Perhaps it’s the right moment to consider if it’s time for your own brand refresh too?

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