Quest is an independent video production company delivering video productions for both online and offline applications. Our team of experienced specialists have worked with some of the world’s biggest production companies such as Univision, The BBC, National Geographic and The Discovery Channel. The difference in working with Quest is that we offer full service seamless video integration into a variety of web applications which we build for you.

Key video user research

  • Cisco Systems [a leading US producer of networking systems] estimates that 80% of the data consumed on the web will be video by 2019
  • 60% of people are more likely to watch a video than read text [Source:
  • Google owns YouTube. Pages containing video are 53x more likely to appear in a front-page Google Search than pages containing only text
  • Mobile use is growing exponentially and users are demanding information that is both fast and compelling, high engagement video meets these criteria in a way no other media can

Quest’s video productions offer a range of different uses:

  1. Websites: landing page embedding with call to action (C-T-A) forms
  2. Email marketing: drive messaging to your key database segments
  3. Trade and Consumer Events: play as a continuous promotional loop
  4. Presentations: create wow impact with prospective customers and stakeholders
  5. Smartphones and mobile devices: clear, consistent, high-impact messaging anywhere, anytime
  6. Social Media Channels: embedding into You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more

To view a sample of our work CLICK ON THE WEB VIDEOS BELOW