Hustler Equipment

Hustler balefeeders, balehandlers, sprayers and forklifts are world class, and the company has a number of industry first’s and patents protecting and securing many components and designs. Hustler distributes throughout New Zealand and also exports it’s range of bespoke products to markets around the globe.

Quest was contracted to produce a series of high engagement videos to highlight the features and benefits of Hustler’s product range. Assignments included a company overview, the SL700X balefeeder, the Katipo Sprayer and the launch of the X5000 chainless balefeeder. In addition, Quest was contracted to output still photography for the Katipo plus a pre-launch teaser featuring aerial footage and 3D animations for the x5000.

Click on the videos below to learn more about these market leading products.

Hustler history and overview

Hustler SL700X Balefeeder

Hustler Katipo Sprayer

Hustler X5000 Chainless Balefeeder

Hustler X5000 Chainless Balefeeder – product launch teaser

Hustler X5000 Chainless Balefeeder – USA market video

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