Client Project: The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

The brief was simple – to build the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail into a recognised brand world-wide.

In 2005 Quest was contracted by the five partner regional development agencies of Wellington, Marlborough, Wairarapa, Tararua and Hawke’s Bay. In the role of product development and marketing advisor, Quest embarked on a condensed period of start up delivery across all aspects of the trail.

Success resulted from a commitment to focused market research which identified who the ideal customers were, what they wanted and how best to attract them.

Significant foundation marketing milestones included brand development with ‘Go Slow & Savour’ positioning, online and offline promotions such as website, consumer material and media communications. Successful best practice training was also conducted for over 130 business stakeholders along the trail.

“Quest has made significant progress in moving the trail forward. Its vision and drive has been essential in helping to realise the potential of this exciting product” Kelvin Speirs – Chairman, Classic NZ Wine Trail

Watch the video below for an overview of New Zealand’s spectacular wine regions.

Classic New Zealand Wine Trail 1