Our advanced Health & Safety training solution

The QuestSAFE eLearning web platform is designed to support health and safety training. Our robust learning system is combined with tailor made training videos to better engage your staff.

Easy to use online courses produced for your specific work situation. Instant record of individual learning. No need for hard copies. Fully backed up evidence of your health and safety training in action.

At Quest, health and safety is our priority with the objective of the continued good health, safety & welfare of our employees, contractors and clients.

We recognise that:

  • Constructive employment relationships generate safe and healthy workplaces.
  • Those involved in the work (employees and contractors) are usually best placed to decide on the particular measures to make their own workplace safe.
  • The systematic management of all hazards is critical hence our emphasis on the Quest Hazard Management Register.
  • Success of our vision is contingent on health and safety training and in particular Quest’s E-learning and video training system.

These principles are supported by specific arrangements that:

  • Reinforce the primary responsibility as being that of the employee or contractor responsible for the work.
  • Acknowledge that employees and contractors too have responsibilities to themselves and others.
  • In bringing those two sets of responsibilities together, require good faith cooperation between Quest, its employees and contractors.
  • Have the expectation that employee and contractor participation in health and safety issues will bring to bear readily available knowledge on the issues.

The standard that they have to achieve is that of having taken all reasonably practicable steps to make work safe – what can reasonably be expected given the circumstances, state of knowledge, resources etc.

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