Got big plans for 2018?

Welcome back, we hope that you had a fantastic break with time to rest and reflect on what you want to achieve in 2018.

If you are like us, you’re probably planning for growth in the year ahead. So which marketing tactics do you need to act on to succeed?

As you will be aware, the digital landscape is changing at lightning speed. Even for the experts, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest digital strategies, channels and tactics.

To help you, we’ve compiled a short list of the most important trends for 2018.

  • Content marketing – sourcing skilled content creators who publish engaging material for your brand that is both memorable and personalised
  • Video engagement – using video throughout your customer lifecycle from explainer videos to customer success stories to better engage your audience
  • Website journeys – crafting website offers, landing pages and downloads for your different customer segments to improve conversion
  • Mobile marketing – ensuring that your key information is presented in a mobile-friendly format that is both quick and easy to navigate

We can’t wait to hear your plans for 2018,  how can we help you achieve greatness?